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Newsletter tips and tricks! October 21, 2008

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Newsletters. I get about 2 of a month, and to be completely honest, I scan right through them, unless something really catches my attention. They look exactly the same each month, and just seem so cluttered! So what should an organization or company do to help these common problems?

In my Public Relations Publications course I am currently in, we have just been assigned the task of creating a newsletter. So where do we start? What are some tips that we should follow to have a good, successful and most of all, READ newsletter??

The “Newsletter Design Clinic” on www.about.com has some great tips that are sure to help you when designing your newsletter! Here’s some quick tips from the website:

  • Use the 3 C’s: Consistency, Conservation & Contrast:
    • Use the same margins on each page.
    • Don’t switch fonts too much! Stick to one font, and change the style and size of that font!
    • Don’t have each page look completely different from the other — keep to a similar style or theme.
    • Don’t just insert graphics or clip art; make the relevant to the newsletter and the articles surrounding them!
    • White space is O.K.! You don’t want to cram things onto each page; it will get too busy!
    • Boxes and lines are great when used sparingly. Don’t box in every picture and all text.
  • Ask these three questions:
    • What is the purpose of the newsletter and who is the intended audience ?
    • Who is sending this newsletter?
      • Readers will question the motives of a newsletter that doesn’t clearly state who the newsletter is from.  Make contact information readily available and easy to find!
    • What type of image does the newsletter reflect?
      • Is your newsletter formal? Or casual?  Make sure it looks appropriate for your targeted audiences.  For example, don’t have tiny font if your target audience is the elderly.

For more helpful tips, visit http://desktoppub.about.com/od/newsletters/a/newsletter3c.htm.